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I’m a participant!

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National Writing-Something-Or-Other Month participants have a term for having made it through the month successfully: They’ve won. Using that terminology, let me tell you that last year was my FIRST year joining NaPoWriMo, or National Poetry Writing Month, and I WON!

That is, I was able to write a poem a day, everyday, for the whole of April.

And I am extremely proud!

My blog from that time is still live at Star-Crossed Fool’s Mirror. I was so encouraged, that I repeated the process for May – because I also didn’t follow half the prompts suggested on NaPoWriMo the site! Ha!

Like most people, I’ve been writing poetry since I was young, and these writing sprints are a way for me to pen down drafts for later use. I usually just let them sit for A LONG TIME, forget about them, then revisit them. I use these prompts to stay creative, keep the so-called imaginary pencil in my head sharp.

April Photo-A-Day Prompts

April Photo-A-Day Prompts. There are hundreds of these prompts online. These are recycled from a previous year that I found on an online board.

This year, I’ll attempt to combine my Photo A Day prompts with the poetry prompts. I won’t know just what the poetry prompt will be until the day of (think Impromptu Improv!), so it’ll make for interesting poems. I just hope they won’t be too much of a stretch to combine! 😀

Maraming salamat for visiting! Happy reading!